Social Media Management & Webdesign

Know your audience - define your goals

Usability first!

That’s why I work over 10 years with different WordPress themes and customize them to fit your business

This guarantees a unique style and brand

If you’re tired of constantly engaging with social media and your audience still isn’t growing? 


Here is your solution.

You would like to have a new homepage for your company, but don’t know where to start or don’t have time to build one yourself?

Managing your social media and website is exhausting and tiring for you?

At the same time you want to increase your reach?

You have questions about my service?

Here you’ll find different options to contact me.


Nowadays, it’s not enough just to have a business, you also need to know what digital tools can be useful to you and how to use these things properly.


In addition, one must have a deeper understanding of the various points that play a role together.

social media management can be complex

Good Reasons

There are a bunch of reasons why you should choose


For your webdesign, as you social media manager


Your homepage will be programmed in such a way that it is optimally displayed in the most common browsers and adapts to the respective devices.

Social Media

Many years of social media experience go into creating posts and interacting with customers to give them a good user experience.

Analyze changes

A regular review of social media is necessary to see how the reach is developing and if anything is changing in the customer base.
Any necessary adjustments are implemented quickly.

Search Engine Optimized

All homepages are SEO optimized and are regularly adjusted to changes in search engines.
This ensures that customers can find their website quickly and that they can be found in the various search engines.

Unlimited Customization

Your company homepage should be unique and present your business in the best possible light.
For this it is possible to customize your new website to your needs.

Support for your business

Whether you're interested in a new homepage, want your social media managed, or want an all-in-one package.
My support is guaranteed and we are in regular exchange with each other.

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