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About Geextah

About Geextah

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About Geextah

I’m a studied german philosopher and scientist of religions.

While I was studying I found out that I was very interested into testing software and building homepages.
After years of struggle I could get me some further education in IT-security,  project management, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL and PL/SQL.

But that’s not all.

At the same time I manage different blogs, write some books, create videos, podcasts and teach other students in qi gong and kung fu and I love to work out at the gym.
I also love to teach and this is one of the reasons I build up this page: I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you, to become a better teacher and also learn more and more.

And for this I’ll use the blog and also the upcoming video tutorials.

If you want to read some german philosophy you can click here.

This is also the place where you’ll get my german podcast and videos soon (but first I have to build up my site again, because my host is such horrible…)

For those who are interested but english speaking: In the future my philosophy site will be available in english 😉

Maybe you want to learn something about qi gong an kung fu, this will the right place (only available in german).

What about this page?

In the future I want to build up this page more and more with content about SQL and PL/SQL but also other programming and technological stuff (news), because my life is not only SQL.
I want to try out different possibilities of using software more effectively, for example when there isn’t a solution I need for a better handling in a bought software at my cellphone.
Likewise I want to answer questions for a deeper understanding in SQL (later in other languages too).

At the other hand I’ll try to run this page in different languages: english, dutch and german – so if you find any mistakes, the reason could be I learn dutch since 2020 and my english is in need of improvement.

One of the reason for ‚dutch‘ at this page is, that I not only want to learn it, I want to move to the Netherlands in future and maybe this makes it a bit easier for me to build some connections.