Social Media Management & Webdesign

Interim status of my website

As one or the other will have noticed, I have published fewer posts the last months, because of that yo will get a small interim status right now.
This was partly due to the fact that I had to take care of some other projects first. Like for example my philosophy blog.

But in the meantime the idea and the structure of my homepage became clearer to me.
Sometimes you have an initial idea, but you don’t really know where to go.

Here now a short overview about what is changing on my site now and what is not.


A small interim status

Interim status abot homepage, webdesign, social media management

In the beginning I wanted to use this homepage for tutorials and technical stuff.
So you also keep up to date with technology and other media.

But since I’m also in web design and social media on the road, have fallen into my hands at some point by chance orders.

So now my site has the increased focus on web design and social media management. So the things that I like to do but still falls into the division of technology.

Accordingly, I will continue to publish tutorials or news about technology from time to time. I’ll try to find a good mix for you, so that all topics are well covered.

At the same time it is also the case that my time is becoming scarcer due to my assignments and those who know my many projects know how scarce my time is.
Nevertheless, I would like to show you with this interim status that I and this project still exist and I still have a lot planned.
Honestly, it is not only fun for me to build and manage homepages, but also to bring them higher and higher on Google until they appear on the first page.
The same goes for the social media that I get to manage.
Often it’s about either building a brand from scratch or pushing an existing brand forward again so that customer acquisition is improved.
I like to play with the many adjusting wheels and always try something new, because of course algorithms are constantly changing.

Many people would probably find this burdensome or constant pressure.
That’s why there are people like me who offer their services as social media managers or web designers / webmasters.

Over 20 years ago

I started web design more than 20 years ago and at that time I used the simplest HTML and the simplest programs.
It was fun and drove me crazy at the same time.
That’s why I always told myself back then that I couldn’t do this professionally.
This was partly because of the first customers I had and partly because of myself, because at that time I had no experience whatsoever, what you actually had to offer and be able to do as a web designer or webmaster.

It was only many years later, after I had also worked in IT, project management or public relations, that it became much clearer to me what customers need and what is feasible.
In addition, I myself have naturally become much more mature on the inside, even if I’m still a big kid.
I think that over the years, experience can now help me much more to implement my customers‘ wishes and ideas.
In the past, it was more of a „carrying out“ the client’s wishes. Today it’s more of a communicative exchange to find the best solution for the whole company.

Thoughts about this interim status

I think this new mix of topics is shaping up better for me and is also more open. So my thoughts can be freer in terms of writing and can therefore also respond to ideas or questions from you or my clients.

I hope to have my homepage completely redesigned in the next few weeks. At the moment it looks partly still a bit wild, because I don’t have enough time and leisure to deal with it several days in a row.
So be curious how it will look like in the end.