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Here we go.

This is my brand new blog about programming, technics and sometimes software.

If you want to know more about me and why I started this blog, you’ll find it in the „about“ section (not ready yet, but in one or two days).

Right now I’m into a further education in SQL and PL/SQL. This will also be my „base“.

After that maybe I’ll begin with Python or Kotlin (maybe flutter) – but that decision isn’t done yet, because my employer could already have some plans for me.

Nevertheless I will run this blog and also tutorials about SQL and PL/SQL (not only because my employer reinforced me to do it, after I talked with him about my idea).

SQL is dead?

Some people think that SQL will be dead in a few years but I don’t think so, especially not in older companies or in government agencies.

Sure, there are upcoming new languages which can do nearly the same as SQL but I would say it needs a bit more time until SQL will be redundant and the other languages can replace SQL.

But for that time we can use it good and get a deeper understanding of how it’s logic works. It’s about a deeper understanding of SQL respectively PL/SQL; not only „ah ok, this operator does this, that function does this“. Sometimes there are questions that nobody asks or nobody trust to ask and find another solution for a problem.

I’ll try to give you that deeper understanding but not that complicated like the ORACLE guys do.

For real: I saw some of their videos and after 10 minutes I was out, because they talked too much and show too less. Well, this is my impression, other people may thee this different.

What’s next, database-man?

The next weeks I’ll build up the rest of this page (and my other pages) that I can focus more at the content.

And step by step this page and it’s content will grow.

Also I hope you’ll find what you are search for. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me on my contact site or as a comment under my posts.

Have a nice code.

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