Social Media Management & Webdesign

You want to know about my upcoming or currently projects? Here we go:

Since 2014 I have a philosophy blog and podcast (well, the podcast is not really there, because lack of time), where I share my thoughts and ideas about different topics.

Sadly I moved to another host and my articles got lost (in the future I’ll move again and have to build up everything again….) – so that’s a part right now which kills a lot of time, but that will be temporarily.

One of my projects beside programming and technology is the photography

I also teach qi gong and kung fu and have a small blog there too (will move from my host to another in the next years), which is about martial arts and philosophy.

The next years I also want to try to bring back my old photography site / blog. Because of Covid-19 it was not a good time for some photos or photographical journey’s.

Sometimes I stream a bit at twitch but also here is the lack of time a big issue, so it’s not very often but I plan for the future that it will be a mix of gaming, programming and maybe a bit sports.

Meanwhile I have no time at all and also manage other homepages for friends.

Another project is writing some philosophical books.

And not forget this page here: I want to create some video (and blog) tutorials for a deeper understanding of SQL and other programming- or technological stuff.

Maybe some projects in the future

Further education is a „must“ for me and I really love to educate myself and others.

I’m not sure if that’s all, but it’s quite enough.

My blog also should contain some news about technological stuff where I think it could be interesting.

The next weeks I’ll write more about my projects, this right now is only a small overview.