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5 easy tricks to speed up your windows 10 computer

Sometimes windows can put you on a hard proof, because one day everything is fine and another day nothing works like before. But with this little hacks you can bring your computer back on track.

If your windows device doesn’t work pretty well it has not to be the hardware as well.
Sometimes thereonly a few little changes in the settings which makes your computer faster again.
Especially the cheaper devices can take profit from those changes.

I will show you 5 ideas how you speed up your window 10.


Boot faster

If your computer doesn’t own a SSD-Storage often it can take much longer to boot your system.
Particularly if there are too much programs which are starting automatically.

In case you want to know how much memory your software uses, you have to open the Task Manager with the known shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del (you find here 25 more shortcuts).

There you will find the tab „Startup“. You can not only see the programs which start when the system gets booted, you also can see how much ressources they take when the system starts.

The Startup tab at the task manager where you can choose what you need while your system boots / speed up your windows

Most of the programs you don’t need when the system gets up.
Often I see in different systems something like adobe reader or other programs at the startup, but you don’t need most of them.
The idea of the autostart is, that the different programs are ready to use after the system finished booting.
But let’s be honest: We don’t need a lot of programs every day and because of that we don’t need them to start up every time we use our Computer.

Important for the startup are the firewall and some programs of windows but not much more.

If  you own an older hp Computer, I have a special trick for you at the end 😉

You need that much effects?

Windows 10 looks much better than the other versions before. Occasionally it’s because there are much visual effects in it.
All the small effects costs you memory, but they aren’t essential. If you want to unload your computer a bit, you can shut them down.

For that you have to go to the advanced settings. Type „performance“ into the search box on the taskbar.

The advenced settings show you how to change the visual effects

At the tab „visual effects“ you can change the settings. Normally it’s on optimized display, but here we need the optimized performance.
If you choose this setting, windows will deactivate all the small visual effects and your computer will speed up.

But if you want to keep some settings you also can choose „custom“, where you can define them.

Empty your cache

The cache is a buffer memory for the computer, where programs put datas in, that they can speed up your system.
Over the time this memory can accumulate data trash, which makes the system even slower. This data trash should be cleaned up at times.

You’ll need the volume cleaner in Windows. First Windows will analyze how much space you can get back, after it’s cleaned up and you also can choose advanced if you want something special deleted or not.

Defrag your disk

At Windows 10 it’s very easy to defrag your harddisk. Normally the system does it automatically and you have nothing to do (if you own a SSD-Memory).

But sometimes the settings are a bit weird and maybe you get one of these. To find out what are your settings you have to right click at your harddisk and choose „Properties“.

After that click at the tab „Tools“. There you’ll see the part of „optimize and defrag“ – but how I said it’s not really for SSD’s, only for older HDD’s.

The tools in properties can help you out to defrag your system

You get an older hp PC?

There are a lot of older hp Computers which work a bit slower than they could.
Try to find out if you get the „hp jumpstart“ on your PC.
If it’s there you should uninstall it, because hp itself recommend that it doesn’t work how they wanted.
Jumpstart slows your Computer down and after I uninstalled it, it worked much faster than before, that was one of the best speed up’s I’ve ever had.

If you declutter and clean up your device regularly it will work all the time fast.

Maybe you have some other ideas, how to make a windows system faster?

Write them in the comments if you know some.

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