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5 easy tricks to speed up your windows 10 computer

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Sometimes windows can put you on a hard proof, because one day everything is fine and another day nothing works like before. But with this little hacks you can bring your computer back on track. If your windows device doesn’t work pretty well it has not to be the hardware as well.Sometimes thereonly a few […]

25 Effective Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Wish To Know Earlier

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If you use Windows a lot, using these Windows keyboard shortcuts is sure to boost your productivity. Below is a list of exclusive shortcuts to help you with your daily tasks.You probably know some of them, but there are definitely some hidden gems you’ve never heard of before.Once you start using them, you realize how […]

Notion Dark Mode

I use a lot of different programs for my daily structure, some ideas or sometimes for a grocery list. What always drives me crazy is, when an app or programm doesn’t get a dark mode or dark theme. So one of the first things is that I search in the settings how I can change it. Maybe you are also interested in or don’t even know that Notis gets a dark mode.