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Web design trends 2024

2024 Web Design Trends

Last year, some trends in web design already came to the forefront, which are likely to gain even more focus this year 2024. Web design is not static but something that constantly evolves. Whether there are technological advancements, changes in

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Interim status of homepage and about the future

Interim status of my website

As one or the other will have noticed, I have published fewer posts the last months, because of that yo will get a small interim status right now.This was partly due to the fact that I had to take care

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windows speed up article

5 easy tricks to speed up your windows 10 computer

Sometimes windows can put you on a hard proof, because one day everything is fine and another day nothing works like before. But with this little hacks you can bring your computer back on track. If your windows device doesn’t

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Notion Dark Mode

I use a lot of different programs for my daily structure, some ideas or sometimes for a grocery list. What always drives me crazy is, when an app or programm doesn’t get a dark mode or dark theme. So one of the first things is that I search in the settings how I can change it. Maybe you are also interested in or don’t even know that Notis gets a dark mode.

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symbol for bluetooth

Big bluetooth update soon with Auracast

At the beginning of the year 2020 the SIG (bluetooth special interes group) opened up their plans for some new functions in bluetooth. They got the idea of a unlimited broadcast at different devices. Bluetooth was a good technical invention

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database network


Here we go. This is my brand new blog about programming, technics and sometimes software. If you want to know more about me and why I started this blog, you’ll find it in the „about“ section (not ready yet, but

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