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Why a Homepage?

It used to be clear to many companies that they needed a homepage when the Internet came along.

Many new companies often no longer see the importance in having their own website, because after all, there are the social media platforms where you can present your own business.

But this means they give away great potential and reach fewer customers than would be possible.

Show your brand

Presenting yourself and thus also presenting your own brand are the be-all and end-all.

Not all people use social media or the very media on which you are represented with your company.

As a result, many potential customers do not even know that they exist.

This is a great advantage of a homepage, it’s like a powerful magnet that their customers can return to again and again, and all without social media.

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But social media ...?

Sure, social media is a good tool, but do you really want to limit your business and reach to social media alone?


What happens when the platforms you present yourself on are not accessible?


Wouldn’t you rather present your business yourself than on someone else’s platform where you are just one among many?

Be independent

Being independent with your own company and using social media only as a tool (of many) should be the real goal.


With a homepage, you can present your company yourself and stand out from the crowd, with a style all your own.

Reach your customers on a much higher level than it’s possible in social media.