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For your questions and issues!

With my coaching, you will gain clarity, get answers to all your questions, and find solutions to your problems – ensuring you feel confident.

Individual coaching for your needs

Feel confident about your work with WordPress

Are you just starting out with wordpress and don't know where to begin?

Would you like to know what can be improved on your website?

Have you installed plugins but don't know if you really need them?

Do you need advice on how to improve the loading time of your website?

Do you need a solution to a problem with WordPress, a plugin or a theme?

How It Works

1 Select your package

Choose your desired hourly package for your WordPress coaching. Booking is easy via email, and I will send you the invoice afterward.

2 Find an appointment

I will send you some suggested dates from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Also you’ll get your link to our Jitsi Meet room.

3 Let's talk

We meet in Jitsi Meet and then use screen sharing to solve your individual questions and problems together!

4 Happiness

In the end, I want you to be happy with the solved problem, the things you have learned and you can use in the future.

Packages and prices

3 hours
5 hours
10 hours
The prices are net prices and do not include statutory VAT. Unused hours expire after 12 months.

Don’t know how many hours you need?

Just write your project, questions or problems in your e-mail request and we’ll find the right package for you!

Our meetings are scheduled for one hour to ensure they are highly focused and productive. A one-hour session allows us to concentrate on specific issues or tasks without overwhelming you with too much information at once. This time frame helps maintain high energy and engagement levels, making the most of our time together. If more time is needed, we can always schedule additional sessions to cover everything thoroughly

WordPress coaching is suitable for anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the platform, regardless of their current level of expertise. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, a business owner wanting to manage your own site, or an experienced developer looking to refine specific skills, WordPress coaching can be tailored to meet your needs. The sessions are personalized to address your specific questions and challenges, ensuring you get the most out of each meeting. If you have specific goals or areas you want to focus on, WordPress coaching is an excellent way to achieve them.

We’ll meet us in Jitsi Meet, because of that you need a microphone and a camera (camera is optional).

Otherwise, you don’t need to prepare anything, unless you want me to look into your WordPress backend and log in myself, in which case I need WordPress admin access from you in advance.

MacOS requires screen sharing permissions for Jitsi Meet to work properly. If you have never done screen sharing before, please prepare this.

After 12 months your booked hours will expire.

So you have a whole year to use them. Nobody of my clients ever lost a coaching hour ;)

Absolutely! In addition to WordPress coaching, I am happy to assist you with questions about design and SEO. Whether you need guidance on creating a visually appealing website, optimizing your site for search engines, or improving user experience, I can provide insights and tips tailored to your needs. Feel free to bring up any design or SEO-related questions during our sessions.

In most cases, I primarily act as a consultant. My goal is to empower you to work independently without relying on me or others.

However, there are times when I will implement solutions for you. 

When it comes to WordPress plugins & themes – definitely!

Although I use and know a variety of online tools, I specialize in WordPress. So I may be able to give you a hint as to where you can find certain things, but I don’t always necessarily have in-depth knowledge of them.